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dogs and hot weather

Dogs in hot weather

As a general rule, dogs suffer much more from intense heat than humans because they do not sweat and therefore have difficulty regulating their body temperature. This can lead to dehydration and heatstroke that can have dramatic consequences for our pets.

dogs playing in snow - DogStroll Day Care Center

Dogs and the snow

Just like children, most dogs love snow and are very excited to get outside, jump and play with the snowflakes. To let your dog enjoy these moments, we recommend taking a few precautions to protect your pet. Here are some tips to let him have fun without any risks.

why dogs eat grass - Dogstroll Day Care Center Wimbledon

Why do dogs eat grass?

If your dog eats grass, there could be several reasons. First of all, he is instinctively drawn to certain plants, such as his distant ancestors the wolves who also fed on grass and berries. It may help him digest and purge himself. He may also just enjoy the taste of grass.

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