building a strong bond with your dog

Strengthening the bond with your dog

The relationship between man and dog is very special. A very strong bond unites them both and this link can be strengthened in many different ways.

Your dog is your best friend. You are the world to him and he loves you infinitely. Nevertheless, this relationship requires a little work to build emotional bonds and solidify your relationship with him, especially if it is a new dog that you have just adopted.

Spending time with him, being tender and affectionate, trying new things… are small gestures that you can do from time to time to bond with your dog. Discover ways to improve and deepen your relationship with your dog:

Take canine education classes together

Choose a course to educate your dog that involves the owner. In addition to socializing and educating your dog, this positively strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Participate in competitions together

If you're both competitive, and if your dog enjoys it, get your dog involved. There are various canine sports today that you can participate in with your dog. These activities require a very close bond and trust between the dog and his owner, which will continue outside the competition.

dog agility

Feed him

Feeding your dog yourself, and giving him dog treats from time to time, strengthens the bond between the two of you.

Respect him

Show your dog that you respect his preferences and don't do things that bother him. Educate the children of the family to treat him with respect and not like a stuffed animal.

Make every experience a positive moment

If your dog doesn't like to take a bath, for example, use toys or treats to make this event as pleasant as possible. Reassure him by petting him and talking to him at the vet if the visits cause him stress.

Spend time together

Take your dog to new places, let him be close to you when you watch TV, talk to him, pet him… These are things that bring you closer to your dog. Give him your time and don't neglect him to favour social media or the like.

affection with your dog

Play with him

More than anything dogs love to play. Making time for your dog to play with him every day really strengthens your bond.

Trust him

You can't have a strong bond if you don't trust your dog. Helping your dog to trust you is also important. Stay calm and use positive dog training methods to train your dog.

Define strict rules

Dogs need rules to follow to know the limits imposed on them, in the home and in a variety of different situations. Your rules must be respected by everyone in the family and must not change according to your mood, in order to not cause confusion to your dog.

Learn to understand your dog

Dogs may not talk but they have their own way of communicating. Taking the time to learn to recognise your dog's body language can dramatically improve your relationship with him.

A dog who has a strong bond with his owner will also usually have a much better attitude towards other human beings, and will obey his owner much better. This helps if you plan on taking your dog to a day care centre, to the vet's and in many situations.

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