DogStroll Ltd Terms & Conditions

Owners must advise Dogstroll Ltd and it's employees of any behavioural problems, traits or vices your dog may have prior to Dogstroll Ltd accepting them into daycare.

Dogs must be up to date with all worm and flea treatment. All dogs must be fully vaccinated for Canine Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis. We will require to see certificates of vaccinations for all dogs and a copy of relevant certificates.


Bitches in season cannot be taken to the daycare centre. If un-castrated males start to affect other members of the pack the owners will be made aware of this.  A discussion with the owner will then be necessary.  Any sign of aggression or other negative reaction towards or by any dogs, will not be accepted.


I am aware that my dog/s will be transported in a Dogstroll van or car with other dogs. I confirm that Dogstroll Ltd and it’s employees cannot be held liable for death or injury to the above named dog/s in the case of any type of accident/incident.

It is the Owner’s responsibility to make sure the collar provided with their dog is secure enough to prevent the dog slipping out of it. Dogstroll Ltd or its employees accepts no responsibility for the consequences if a dog slips its’ collar.  

In the event of ant adverse weather conditions which could adversely affect the safety of your dog Dogstroll and its employees reserve the right to cut the day short.

Should your dog be disruptive whilst in Dogstrolls’ care it will be discussed with you, the owner, and we have the right to terminate the bookings.

Your dogs safety and well being is of our utmost importance but Dogstroll Ltd accepts no responsibility for injuries, escape and death.


Dogs are picked up from 8am and dropped off anytime from 3pm Monday – Friday depending on your location.


Regular daycare 4-5 days a week

£40 per day

Regular daycare 1-3 days a week

£45 per day

Additional daycare on bank holidays/weekends

£60 per day(9am-3pm),additional hours will be charged at £10

Daycare for 2 dogs from the same house

£80 per day.

Overnight stays - Mon-Friday

£60 including daycare, £120 for 2 dogs

Overnight stays-Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays

£75 & £130 for 2 dogs

Additional walks

£25 per hour

We can accommodate weekends and Bank Holidays walks/day-care if booked in advance.
Bank holidays we are closed, however we can provided extra services under request.

Holidays / Sick Days/ Non attendance

At Dogstroll Ltd we charge every week for a recurring service. If your dog does not need to attend its regular bookings due to a holiday, being sick or other reasons we still need to charge you as follows.

  • Regular 4 - 5 days dogs will be charged £35/day
  • Regular 1-3 days will be charged at full day rate

Cancellations and notice period

We cannot accept one-off cancellations to the regular service. We may however except moving a daycare day to an alternative date in the same week or following week. This would be subject to space availability.

If you’d like to terminate the regular service with Dogstoll Ltd, 1 month notice is required. Should notice not be given, a full charge will be levied. The charge will reflect the regular bookings made prior to our services provided .


We operate a fixed monthly fee system,whereby the client pays a fixed monthly fee for a place at Dogstroll on a agreed regular day/s per week. If the client does not send their dog for any reason, the monthly fee for the agreed regular days is still payable. Payment received after due date will incur a late payment charge of £3 per day.


You should notify your neighbours and your home insurance company that DOGSTROLL Ltd and its’ employees will be visiting the property in your absence.

By providing us with keys you are agreeing to allow us unaccompanied access to your property for the purposes of picking up and dropping off your dogs.

Please give us instructions for your locks or alarm systems and 2nd set of keys will be required.We will not collect or leave keys in unsecured locations. We take your security seriously and our own.


All bookings must be made via our online booking system, Petsitter Plus. Texts or emails with booking requests shall not be counted as a confirmed booking. If extra services are booked please give at least 48hrs notice should you wish to cancel, full rate will be charged if no notice given. In the event of your dog suddenly developing any health issues Dogstroll Ltd reserves the right to leave your dog at home. This is for the benefit of your dog and other dogs in our care.

No variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless in writing and signed by, or on behalf of, the client and Dogstroll Ltd.

We only take regular dogs, a minimum of one booking per week is agreed to.

By using any of our services it is implicit that you will have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Please make bookings between the hours of 8am -17:00 Monday to Friday. If bookings are made out of these times confirmation might not be possible until a later time/day.


By signing this document you consent to the following:

  • That your dog is allowed to be walked outside the Dogstroll facility (wood land walks)
  • That your dog is allowed to be mixed with dogs of all ages and sizes at the daycare
  • That if your dog needs feeding during the day we are allowed to do so in accordance with your instructions.
  • That your dog is allowed off the lead (if recall is good enough for your dog to be off lead)

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