Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your doggy day care centre ?

DogStroll doggy day care is situated 25min from Wimbledon down the A3 in Ockham.

What time do you pick up and drop off?

We start doing pick ups from 8am and drop offs from 3pm. These times depend on your location.

What does the consultation involve?

The consultation allows your dog, you and us to create a connection which we believe is important to offering a personal service. The consultation is minimum 1 hour depending on how confident your dog is.We introduce your dog to the van by placing them in a secure area, and go for a short drive to ascertain how he reacts to being in a vehicle without a member of its' family and to create a positive association. A short walk is also included.

What does the free trial entail?

For some dogs the doggy day care environment can be slightly overwhelming and not all dogs are suitable. The one day trial is used to assess your dogs suitability with a whole new experience. Our ethos is to ALWAYS do what is right for the dog!

How do you introduce new dogs?

Introducing new dogs is one of the most important steps in ensuring your dogs happiness and confidence. By having four separate areas we are able to introduce the new dog in a one on one scenario using trusted methods. We spend time analysing their body language knowing when it's the right time to introduce more dogs.

How do I book?

Bookings are done directly with Mark or Sandra through email or text message. A reply confirms the booking.

Must my dog attend regular days?

A minimum of one regular day per week is required but extra days can be booked in advance depending on availability.

Is there a warm and cool place to shelter?

Our indoor area has sufficient heating and insulation with comfortable bedding provided. We also have a selection of rain jackets in case your dog’s has been left at home. In summer, gazebos and shade canopies are set up to create sufficient shade.

Will my dog be supervised at all times?

The safety of your dog it is of utmost importance to us. Our low ratio of dogs per handler allows us to supervise them at all times.

Are you open weekends and bank holidays?

Weekend and bank holidays can be arranged in advance and are charged at a slightly higher rate.

Do you offer a dog walking service?

Weekend dog walking is available if booked in advance and is charged at a hourly rate.

Will I be updated on how my dog is getting on?

Over the first week regular updates will be messaged directly to you for peace of mind. Our social media is constantly being updated with pictures You will be made aware of any unusual signs of your dogs behaviour or health and we will work together to resolve behaviour issues.

Call 07757 453649 to Book a Consultation